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From the mind, pen, and "hunt and peck" fingers of Brandon Muller:

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A heartwarming tale he wrote in college:

The Drawing

An essay he wrote in the 10th grade:

Little Polka Dot Hedge Hogs

From 2003 to 2005, Brandon wrote a humor column for Skeptic magazine titled "Demon Haunted Times." It was an Onion-type news report dealing with paranormal topics.

God Offers Human Race on eBay

New "Isn't Round" Theory Demands Equal Time

Skeptic Challenges Food Psychic*

Researcher Claims to Have Found Star Wars Galaxy

Homeopathic Killer Still on the Loose

Southern Bigfoot Convention Draws Criticism

Parents Complain: Harry Geller Ban out of Control

Alien Committee Pulls Plug on Abduction Research

Evolutionists Give Up: Creationism to be Taught in Schools

Network Apologizes for Airing Skeptical Viewpoint*

*These articles were written for Skeptic, but never published.