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In 2002, capitalizing on the success of "The Osbournes" reality show, Brandon sold his classic song parody "Ozzy Bit the Head Off of a Reindeer" to the American Comedy Network for a whopping sum of $100.

ACN recorded and produced this little ditty which you can listen to here (1.36 MB).

And, no, that is not Brandon singing.

The mp3 is extremely condensed. Here are the full lyrics:

Ozzy bit the head off of a reindeer
Singing at his concert Christmas Eve.
You can say that it's bad news for Santa,
But not for all the folks at MTV.

Verse 1:
He'd been drinkin' too much bat blood,
And Santa's crew was at the show.
Then Ozzy spoke an incantation,
As he pulled a reindeer up from the front row.

When Ozzy woke up Christmas mornin',
He's was feelin' sick and weak.
There were antlers in his toilet,
And a shiny, crimson nose between his teeth.

Verse 2:
Now we're all so proud of Santa.
He's been shedding no more tears.
He even gave Ozzy a present,
An autographed CD from Britney Spears.

It's Christmas time for the Osbournes
All the family's dressed in black.
It's hard to tell which one is stranger:
Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, or, perhaps it's Jack. (everyone) It is Jack!

Verse 3:
Now they've gathered round the table,
The family's full of Christmas cheer.
Everyone, that is, but Ozzy,
He's the only one that's full of Christmas deer.

Here's a warning for the neighbors:
Better watch that Iron Man.
They should never put a camera
In a home that has a giant pentagram.