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For a livelier version of Brandon's biography in screenplay format:

Brandon's Bio: The Script

About Brandon:

Often described as intelligent and witty, Brandon's comedy is a carefully crafted mixture of quirky observations, social musings, and bits of high energy performance satire including songs and commercials.

Brandon has performed in many venues throughout the United States, featured at the legendary "Catch A Rising Star" comedy club, and participated in the "Future Hot List" showcase at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival. He has opened for comedians such as Norm MacDonald, Pauly Shore, Nick Thune, and Doug Stanhope.

Brandon also makes video shorts for internet consumption such as his Linkin Park Parody which was featured on and has millions of views on YouTube, his Mimefreak parody which was a featured video on, and his McCain/Palin Bollywood video which was shown on CNN's "Inside Politics".

Brandon grew up in the desert of southern California, entertaining family and friends with impressions and humorous stories. After graduating college with a Communications degree, he co-founded a rock/comedy band named Metal Janitors.

In 1998, Brandon auditioned for a comedy improv troupe on a whim. Through improv, he discovered another way to amuse audiences. He sharpened his acting and improvisational skills through various improv troupes and the Second City training center in Las Vegas before concentrating solely on standup comedy in 2004.

Also a writer, Brandon has honed his writing chops over the years through various scripts, sketches, and songs. He also enjoyed a two year stint as the regular humor columnist for the science magazine, Skeptic.

When he's not on stage, Brandon enjoys traveling, hiking, caving, and reading.