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Despite having no musical talent, Brandon has a music page.

. . .

Brandon's parody of a band he actually likes, believe it or not:

Brandon wrote the lyrics, sang (if you can call it that), played every character, and edited the video himself. In lieu of flowers, Brandon asks that Linkin Park perform the song at his funeral.

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In 1994, Brandon joined forces with guitarist Jesse Winslow to co-found the greatest band that Brandon and Jesse ever created: Metal Janitors.

Unable to sing or play any instrument demanding an understanding of musical notes, Brandon played the drums.

He did write and perform one song on guitar entitled "1973" which he described as a "guitar song for people who don't know how to play guitar." You can listen to it below:


Metal Janitors, though dead since 1999, still haunts the world through its very own webpage:

Metal Janitors

Like every other 13-year-old, Brandon writes song parodies:

Song Parodies