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What if a Mormon Cured Cancer Credits:

Written by Brandon Muller

Additional material provided by Mark Saldana

Starring (in order of appearance)
Bryan Bruner
Brandon Muller
Don Faoro
Dennis Minarchan
Jason Harris
Mark Saldana
Nathan Lund
Marlen Baker
Carl Jamerson
Jennifer Smith
Scott Roeben
Matt Ladwig
Eileen Lemish
Honour Pillow as The Cure For Cancer Girl

Special thanks:
Alexa Fontana
Brandon Hahn
John Hilder
Brandt Tobler

Dannielle Cheney
Matthew Scott Hunter
Matt Markman
Dennis Minarchan

Location Scout:
Dennis Minarchan

T-shirt graphic by

Music by Don Faoro

Vocals by Honour Pillow
Backup vocals by Don Faoro

Directed by Matthew Scott Hunter

Edited by Brandon Muller