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Beer Pong Champ Admits to Smoking Pot Credits:

Written by:
Brandon Muller
Matthew Scott Hunter
Mike Cardella
Anthony Owliaie

Starring (in alphabetical order):
Jacob Cherrington
TJ Hampton
Matt Ladwig
Tabetha Martinez
Shawn McDaniel as Michael Phillips
Heather McDowell
Morteza Mirfattah
Brandon Muller
Anthony Owliaie
Mehdi Owliaie
Brittany Perry
William Poindexter
Marshall Price
Julia Simone
Haylee Voelkel

Directed by:
Matthew Scott Hunter

Photoshop Wizardry:
Matt Ladwig
Scott Roeben

Edited by Brandon Muller

Special Thanks:
Alaina Perry
Keith Bonovitch

Music by:
The Invisible Silent Band

1988 Supercross Champion
Rick Johnson