12:01 a.m.

Big Bang Burger Bar

9 p.m.

Mos Eisley Cantina

9 p.m.

The Max, Pacific Palisades, CA

When I'm old
5 p.m.

Lake Wobegone

11:59 p.m.

Restaurant at the End of the Universe

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Welcome to the online home of Brandon Muller. He still has the same cell phone he bought back in 2006, why shouldn't he have the same website layout, too?

The Most Current and Recently Newest Latest News Update:

Now you can follow Brandon on or you can friend him on Friendster!

Brandon invites you to take off your Internet shoes, forget about "age verification" for once, and peruse his quaint little cyberhome at your leisure.

Tea and crumpets will be served momentarily.

That is, as soon as Brandon figures out what crumpets are.

And how to make tea.

Come to think of it, Brandon doesn't really want to serve you anything except a big, heaping pile of "ha ha," a delicious side of "tee hee," your choice of "guffaw" or "cackle" for dessert, and perhaps a glass or two of "I don't get it, please explain it to me"
to wash it all down.

Just so you know, all the cool kids check out the Standup page first before going to the Photos page to wade through all 200 pictures and captions from his Antarctica trip.

If you find something of value on this Web site, then please feel obligated to let Brandon know so he can delete it immediately.

Brandon Muller is registered at Big Lots if you are kind of heart and want to buy him a gift or two for his upcoming Quinceanera.



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